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Confessions of an introvert

my love affair with a laptop

It's only fair to tell you I'm absolutely Cuckoo
I am best when I am laughing.

69 love songs, agnosticism, alice in wonderland, allan watts, alternative art, amazing vistas, bad jokes, bad spelling, balls of string, beautiful people, beauty, being in the world, bisexuality, bizaar tibits of culture, british sitcoms, change, cheap thrills, color, complexity, cookie dough, dancing in the rain, dark chocolate, dead birds, dead musicians, details, don quixote, dragonflies, eastern europe, escanaba, existentialism, exotic foods, experience, fairy-tales...the real ones, felines, fiction, finding a balance, fine art, five pounds of flax, forbidden fruit, form, gender benders, good conversations, good stories, griffen and sabine, hazel eyes, herstory, hope, hue, ice cream, ideology, illumination, illusions, individuality, inexplicable fascinations, information, italo calvino, kafka, kahlil gibran, kathrine dunn, kicking ass at scrabble, kittens, laughing, legend, liminality, living, long breaks, lore, m.c. escher, magical realism, massive attack, michigan, mixed media, movies, music, myth, new ideas, nick bantock, no really...balls of string, number sequences, obscure references, observation, observatories, oddness, old books, open ended questions, other cultures, paris out of hand, people (from a distance), perception, pomagrantes, queerness, reality, rudyard kipling, russian animations, schrödinger's cat, scrabble, seashells, self designed tattoos, sensuality, sexuality, shape, short fiction, sick humor, small town america, sorting things out, spirals, storytelling, strange circumstances, strange games, strong women, subconciousness, subjectivity, taking chances, talking to strangers, texture, the avante garde, the deluxe transitive vampire, the fibinacci sequence, the golden spiral, the great lakes, the universe, the upper penninsula, thunderstorms, travel, trilogies, trinities, unanswered questions, verbs, vibrance, voiceless history, wasting time, wild flowers, words, writing, yoopers